Throughout my career, I have dealt with numerous contractors on both a personal and professional basis.

To name a few, I cannot tell you the number of times I experienced the following:

1. did not show up;
2. performed poor workmanship;
3. left cigarette butts and construction debris in my yard; and
4. did not return my phone calls.

I’ve also had experience with contractors that when selling me the job they were very accommodating. But when I need a phone call back and have exhausted all efforts to contact this person, I finally receive that call and it is as if they are doing me a favor by calling me back. Many do not stand behind their work.

When I decided to open A-1 Sealcoating, Inc. the first decision I made was to be on time and deliver the job that we agreed to do.

Every job is performed to the best of the crew leader’s ability.

Every job is always given a follow-up phone call at the end should there be any questions and to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with the workmanship.

Every driveway/job is done as if it were my own personal driveway.