Asphalt Repairs & Hot Crack Filling

Need Asphalt Repairs or Hot Crack Filling?

We specialize in small repairs and sealcoating, so no job is too small.
Where required especially in areas of “alligatored cracking”, the existing asphalt is carefully cut out, area is cleaned and filled with asphalt. It is then compacted with a two-ton per square inch compaction machine. For layovers, outer surfaces of asphalt repairs may have bonder applied for best durabilty.

Cracks that are 1/4″ or larger, we use a heat lance unit that reaches 1900 defrees (F) with 90 PSI of air, blows out debris and cleans the sidewalls for better adhesion. They are then filled with crack filler from a thermostatically controlled crack melter.


We specialize in small repairs and sealcoating, so no job is to small! Having over 25 years of experience, we’ll be able to offer excellent pricing for appropriate services to fit your budget. No one can beat our prices! CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.


George and his team’s service and quality of their work is top notch!!

I highly recommend A1!

-- DJ

Always has done a nice clean job, have used more than once.

-- Andy

I used this service in early summer and I was extremely pleased with the result. They transformed a 25 year old driveway and they were fastidious in the care they took with the details.

-- Joan

They showed up on time, were quick, courteous and professional. Reasonable price for a 15000 sq ft driveway.

-- George

What I liked about them, he was really fair. He had to wait an extra week because of the rain and the weather to make sure it was done properly. They came and they were efficient. They were very polite. They're just very nice people. They were on time. They know what they were doing. They guarantee their work. Everything about them was excellent.

-- Emily

Went very well....worked with us around our schedule. Driveway looks great!