Are Pot Holes and Uneven Broken Up Asphalt a Hazard To You?

Crack Repair
If anyone falls and puts in a claim to your insurance company, they must come out and investigate the claim, take pictures, and prepare a report.

Failure to maintain is negligence on your part and could potentially put you in an insurance pool at 2 – 3 times your current cost. This could cost you thousands of dollars.


The present price of oil has dramatically impacted the price for asphalt on a per ton basis. The cost of paving or replacement is extremely high which has increased the demand to “Repair” vs. “Replace.

Parking lot managers save $1000’s maintaining their own parking areas and sealcoating driveways to extend the life protecting their investment as well as beautify their property with a minimal cost investment. Nothing makes a property look better than a nice slate-black driveway.

  • We sealcoat and maintain large and small parking lots
  • Seal coating provides long-lasting results
  • Maintenance is performed according to season and employs the most effective methods such as hot crack filling.
  • Line striping services available
  • No one can beat our prices!